Cooperative Sunrise Africa

Cooperativa Sunrise Africa



We are developing the basis of our efforts with the active participation of all healthy-thinking individuals who are interested in living at the level of well-being, understanding and creating the values necessary for the healthy development of each member.


We support an international order based on respect and fair application of International Law.


We are committed to ending poverty and hunger in all its forms and manifestations. To ensure that the CSA members live in a fair, legally equal and healthy environment.


We are determined to protect CSA shareholders from degradation and economic genocide by introducing rational models of behavior in consumption as well as in production. With the rational use of natural resources that are in harmony and harmony with nature.


We are committed to ensuring that all members can live in conditions of prosperity while maintaining economic, social and technological progress in harmony with nature.


We are determined to support a culture in which there is peace, fairness and justice without social barriers, in which fear and violence have no place. Sustainable development cannot exist without peace and peace without sustainable development.


We are committed and have the resources necessary to implement our goals and the goals of CSA members. In favor of the sustainable development of the Angolan nation, founded in the spirit of strengthened world solidarity, aimed at meeting the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable population groups. Pensioners, people living on the border of poverty, students and families living on the border of poverty.