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UN registration number: 978007


Sovereign International Treasury Monetary 1 (hereinafter referred to in the text as "Treasury M1"), hereinafter referred to as "Institute" acts as a globally oriented Treasury and Gold Brick Depository.


The institute, which is recognized by the United Nations and granted sovereign status, acts as a financial institution for the exclusive members of the International Consumer Cooperatives Light Great Rus “ICC LGR”.


These members contribute their own funds/assets (assets) as a share in the cooperative and the Institute fulfills and performs all functions of the Treasury in managing, controlling and auditing these deposits.


All these functions and subsequent rights and obligations comply with international laws regarding the structure and tasks of the Treasuries (state treasuries) and the statutes of the Institute.


The institute is monitored, supervised and audited in cooperation with world financial institutions and United Nations bodies.


All management activities and services are carried out at a professional level and with the aim of supporting the international commercial and humanitarian projects and programs of the members.


The self-developed control system, which is fine-tuned and operates within a high-tech information, reporting and verification system, ensures transparency and controllability in real time.


The features of the management system include (in addition to the ability to monitor cash flows and liquidity, payments, calculate exchange rate fluctuations, etc.), support member/project requirements in relation to loans, debts, investments and collateral.

Cooperativa Sunrise Africa "CSA"

CSA is part of the international financial institution Sovereign International Treasury Monetary One, registered in the United Nations Organization ID: 978007. International Treasury M1, as the main holder and manager of the world's gold reserves.



The Sovereign International Treasury M1 (hereinafter referred to as “M1 Treasury”) is a global Treasury and Gold Bullion Depository. It is an exclusive financial institution for exclusive members of the Sovereign International Consumer Cooperative Light Great Russia (hereinafter referred to as “SICC LGR”) with state powers, on the basis of which it performs the functions of the State Treasury of the USSR.

Of particular and exemplary importance is attached to the institution’s perfect ability to convert deposited assets into underlying asset-backed securities and gold-backed treasury bills. This conversion makes it possible to “dismember” huge values and adapt them to flexible and tradable collaterals for Project Financing, in terms of their nominal value and validity. Listing by any authority, stock exchange, or any listing system is not contemplated or permitted.

This limitation is an important part of proactive risk management to avoid unpredictable situations and unnecessary risk of loss for members. Since deposits in the form of gold, which are secured by individual instruments (documents), will not be subject to purchase and the authority to bind them is granted to the treasury, the monetization of collateral is independent of any actions of the government and is therefore not subject to any restrictions.

Gold-backed Treasury Bills, Bills and Bonds are of great importance as active and high-volume contributions/deposits for the smooth transition from the current financial fiat system back to the Gold Standard. Because the conventional fiat system can no longer guarantee economic development and stability, Gold, which is traditionally considered safe and reliable, is on the shopping list of every central bank, in order to secure the currencies of individual countries.

The Institute is a recognized member of the program to stabilize the current world economy and prevent the occurrence of constant fluctuations in currencies, rates and exchange rates.

As the second pillar of economic management stability at the level of international, national and local economy, the institute supports members and provides members with online banking services such as an integrated payment card system, blockchain technology for contracting and payments, and cryptocurrency trading, as well as multi-currency exchange services, etc. So that’s the promise of performance: the statutes and policies of the treasury and its project financing and management system to support the growth of the world economy! In particular, all technologies that face the current and structural problems of environmental pollution, health, food safety, overpopulation, climate change, and equitable distribution of income and wealth.
One of the main functions with which the M1 Treasury is currently entrusted is to participate in the reform of the World Financial and Banking System, which has already begun and which is carried out within the framework of the BASIL III and BASIL IV agreements.

As a Gold Bullion Treasury and Depository, the M1 Treasury was established as a vehicle to enable the operation of SICC LGR’s many international projects and programs along with the provision of financial services and support to those SICC LGR members with more specific banking requirements.

The M1 Тreasury uses most of the basic principles of the economic system, using a gold-backed financial system that is designed to complement the current economic system while preventing the economic chaos that has arisen from the world’s isolated economies and their inability to deal with the high levels of fluctuations that are a common phenomenon in economic markets.
In addition to the fact that the M1 Treasury serves primarily as the World Treasury and Gold Bullion Depository, it also fulfills many other functions. The M1 Тreasury offers a large number of services, including commercial investments, grants and funding of humanitarian projects, and of course, a whole range of different banking services.
The M1 Treasury is able to securely store valuable assets (assets) and issue Deposit Receipts, which are often used in international trade and commercial activities.

The M1 Тreasury has acquired the functions of the administrator of Special bank accounts, the basis of which is a sovereign guarantee in the form of a guarantee in the form of Valuable commodities (Gold, Platinum, Emeralds, Diamonds, Various Gems and Precious Stones, US Federal Reserve Banknotes. M1 Treasury is responsible for managing the hedging accounts of the World Financial System.

The M1 Тreasury is a member of the program to stabilize the current economic crisis and prevent the recurrence of fluctuations in currencies, values and exchange rates so that international national and local economies are stabilized and allow people to have better viable means of creating wealth and ultimately for people to of the world had a greater degree of social and economic freedom.